Bach, Emilie (1840-1890)

Emilie Bach, 1840-1890. Emilie Bach, 1840-1890.

Emilie Bach was an Austrian artist and author, who in 1873 founded the Imperial and Royal Vocational School of Art Embroidery, Vienna. She wrote various publications on the subject of art needlework, including Muster Stilvoller Handarbeiten für Schule und Haus (1883; 2 vols., Vienna) and Neue Muster im Alten Stil (1887; Vienna; later published in the Th. de Dillmont/DMC series, as New Patterns in Old Styles). 

Emilie Bach established various embroidery schools through the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Mrs Bach allegedly remained in close contact with Thérèse de Dillmont, who may have been a pupil of the embroidery school in Vienna before she moved to Dorbach in Switzerland started working for DMC in Mulhause.


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