Mitre from Namur, Belgium

Mitre housed in Namur, Belgium. 13th century. Mitre housed in Namur, Belgium. 13th century.

The Musée Provincial des Arts Anciens du Namurois, Namur, Belgium, houses a mitre that is embroidered with silver-gilt and silver thread, and coloured silk embroidery, worked with underside couching, split stitch and stem stitch on a silk ground material. The mitre is 18.8 cm high and 28 cm wide.

This mitre, worked in the tradition of opus anglicanum, used to be held in the treasury of the Augustinian priory at Oignies (Belgium) until 1796. It is said to have belongend to Cardinal Jacques de Vitry (1216-1240). The mitre is decorated with scenes of the deaths of St Thomas Becket (he was assassinated in 1170) and St Lawrence (he died in 258).

Source: BROWNE, Clare, Glyn DAVIES, and M.A. MICHAEL (2016). English Medieval Embroidery: Opus Anglicanum, exhibition catalogue, New Haven and London: Yale University Press, Catalogue no. 6, pp. 119-120.

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