La Grande Broderie

La Grande Broderie was the name given to a set of gold-embroidered ecclesiastical garments and textiles designed in the mid-fifteenth century by Pierre de Villant.

Piere de Villant was a craftsman in the service of René, Duke d'Anjou (1409-1480). The set, also called a 'chapel', was long housed in the Cathedral of Angers, some 300 km southwest of Paris in the former province of Anjou. The set comprised a chasuble, cope, dalmatic, and a tunicle. The garments were received into the Cathedral on 4 March 1462, in the presence of René d'Anjou and the Duchess (Jeanne de Laval). The set was destroyed during the French Revolution.

Source: STANILAND, Kay (1991). Embroiderers, London: British Museum Press, p. 26.


René d'Anjou and his wife, Jeanne de Laval, from the so-called Matheron Diptych, by Nicolas Froment (c. 1475; Musée du Louvre, RF 665).

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