'The Maiden's Chamber'

A print depicting a young woman in her bower (mid-19th century) A print depicting a young woman in her bower (mid-19th century) © The Trustees of the British Museum, acc. no. 1865,1014.587.

'The Maiden's Chamber' is an English book illustration from 1840 depicting a young lady’s room. The print shows a young woman at her desk with a book in her hand. The print (a steel engraving) is based on an image by the English painter Alfred Edward Chalon (1780-1860) and was made by the artist and engraver, John Jewell Penstone (1817-1902).

Under the image is the verse: “Here gay and placid speed the hours, among her music, books and flowers.” The print is about the feminine skills needed for a Young Lady. The verse is actually a quotation from The Belle of a Season, by the Irish novelist, Margaret Gardiner Countess of Blessington (1789-1849). The print is shown opposite p. 62 of the 1840 edition.

The print includes in the bottom right hand corner a round embroidery loop on a stand. The embroidery would appear to be a floral pattern. Other feminine attributes in the image include flowers, music (harp), painting (image on an easel), religion (Bible), as well as her very feminine clothing.

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