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One of the over 200 feedsack samples from America currently being added to the TRC Catalogue online database, donated by Sherry Cook (TRC 2020.0815).One of the over 200 feedsack samples from America currently being added to the TRC Catalogue online database, donated by Sherry Cook (TRC 2020.0815).As with so many cultural institutes and other groups around the world, the TRC Leiden is shut until the end of March, or possibly longer. Sadly we have had to cancel or postpone various events, workshops and courses.

But at the same time we are looking ahead and busily planning lots of activities for when things settle down, including a summer school, a quilting week, a two-day embroidery identification course, basic embroidery and knitting lessons, a 'making' weekend and so much more!

We are also working on several digital exhibitions, so that you can still enjoy the TRC Collection without actually physically having to come to Leiden (although it is always best to see the real things).

We are using the next few weeks to deal with the backlog of objects that need to come online. Over the last few days, for example, we have already put nearly 200 items into the database and I have taken hundreds of printed, woven and embroidered samples home to be photographed, described and added to the system.

One of the highlights is a mid-18th century man’s waistcoat that has just come in – more information about this amazing piece will come in a special blog with detailed photographs. Something to look forward to!

Gillian Vogelsang, director TRC, 17 March 2020.

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Abonneer u op de TRC Nieuwsbrief

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