Maltese Lace

Maltese lace

Maltese lace, locally known with the umbrella term of Bizzilla 'ta Malta, is associated with the Mediterranian archipelago of Malta, and especially with the island of Gozo. It is a form of bobbin lace of relatively recent, mid-19th century date, although local lace production itself dates back for several centuries. Maltese lace is usually made from ecru coloured silk yarn, but sometimes a black version occurs (for example, TRC 2019.2805). There are also examples made from linen.

The TRC Leiden has recently been given several pieces of Maltese lace (TRC 2020.4880 and TRC 2020.4881). The donation complements previous acquisitons of the same type.  Because of this  gift, and the recent publication of Azzopardi's monumental book (2020) on the subject, we would like to draw attention to this form of bobbin lace in this small online exhibition. 

Sources of information:

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For this online exhibition:

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  • Web-design: Joost Koopman
  • Exhibition design: Willem Vogelsang
  • Publisher: TRC Leiden.
  • Year of publication: 2020
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0. Cover page

Maltese lace, locally known with the umbrella term of Bizzilla 'ta Malta, is associated with the Mediterranian archipelago of Malta, and especially with the island of Gozo. It is a…

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There are various examples of Maltese lace in the TRC Collection. These include collars as well as small mats and samples.