Johanne Ryder, by Herman Vendel

A portrait of Johanne Ryder (born Johanne Margrethe Rasmussen) shows some characteristic Danish embroidery. Johanne Ryder was a Danish woman who married in 1896 a medical doctor, Fr. Vilh. Ryder, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Her parents were the tobacco manufacturer, Alex Rasmussen (d. 1898) and his wife F. Tofte. The painting was made in 1901 by Herman Vendel (1875-1948). In the painting, Johanne Ryder is depicted wearing a large collar and cuff set worked in Hedebo cut work combined with Hedebo edges, made by reverse needle lace. The portrait was purchased in 1997 by the Greve Museum, acc. no 700x88.

Digital source of illustration and further information (retrieved 7 June 2016).


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