Charles IV of Hungary (1887-1922)

A photograph of Karl Franz Joseph Ludwig Hubert Georg Otto Marie von Habsburg (1887-1922) was taken shortly after his coronation in Budapest on 30th December 1916 as King Charles IV of Hungary. He was also installed as Emperor Charles I of Austria and successor of Franz Joseph, King-Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, who had died in November. 

In the photograph he is shown in the company of his wife, Zita of Bourbon-Parma (1892-1989) and their son, Crown Prince Otto von Habsburg (1912-2011). Charles IV is wearing the densely embroidered Hungarian coronation mantle, which dates to the eleventh century AD. This was the last time the mantle was worn for this purpose. Empress Zita is shown wearing a very elaborate coronation gown and robe that appear to have been decorated with metal thread embroidery.

Charles I/Charles IV was beatified by the Catholic Church in 2004, and is since known as the Blessed Charles of Austria.

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