Lady Carrying a Reticule

Lady carrying a reticule. Parisian fashion, AD 1800. Lady carrying a reticule. Parisian fashion, AD 1800. Journal des Dames et des Modes, 31 March 1800: "Costume Parisien".

The 31 March 1800 issue of the Journal des Dames et des Modes contains an illustration of a lady dressed according to the latest Parisien fashion, and carrying a reticule, or small handbag, which was often delicately embroidered. The illustration is entitled 'Costume Parisien'. The journal was published in Paris between 1797 and 1839.

The journal reflected the changed social and political cirumstances in Europe. The elaborate and costly dress of the eighteenth century was no longer acceptable, and the emphasis was placed on far simpler garments. Classical influences were clearly noticeable: the hair style imitated that of the ancient Greeks; the dresses resembled those worn by Greek and Roman priestesses, and even the headdresses were fairly simple, 'à la jardinière'.

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