Poster for the film 'Brodeuses', 2004. Poster for the film 'Brodeuses', 2004.

Brodeuses is a 2004 French film directed by Éléonore Faucher. It is known as A Common Thread in Britain and Sequins in the United States. The film is about a young French girl who becomes an assistant in an embroidery atelier. The plot revolves around this girl, called Claire (played by Lola Naymark), who lives by herself as she does not get along with her parents.

The young girl becomes pregnant at the age of 17. She leaves her job at a local supermarket (after telling them she has cancer) and goes to work as an assistant for Madame Mélikian (Ariane Ascaride), who runs a successful embroidery atelier for haute couture houses in Paris. Madame Mélikian has just lost her only son in a motorcycle accident.

Claire shows her willingness to learn her new duties and slowly moves towards the decision to keep her child. Together Claire and Madame Mélikian create a bond - via embroidery - to help them both through their very different, hard times. The film won the 'Critics Week Grand Prize' and 'SACD Screenwriting Award' at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. It was also nominated for the 'European Discovery of the Year' at the 2004 European Film Awards.

Source: PALLADINO, Maria Teresa (2014). 'Commentary on Brodeuses,' in: Laura Tognoli Pasquali and Frances Thomson-Salo (eds.), Women and Creativity. A Psychoanalytic Glimpse through Art, Literature, and Social Structure. London: Karnac Books, pp. 213-220.

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