Needlework Through the Ages, 1928

Cover of Needlework Through the Ages, 1928. Cover of Needlework Through the Ages, 1928.

Needlework Through the Ages. A short survey of its development in decorative art with particular regard to its inspirational relationship with other methods of craftsmanship was published in 1928 by Mary Symonds (Mrs Guy Antrobus) and Louisa Preece. This book includes embroideries from parts of the world outside of Europe; embroidery is regarded, not only as aesthetic and historic, but also as ethnographic.

The Preface was written by Professor Alan John Bayard Wace (1879-1957), archaeologist and expert on Greek island embroideries. The book thus takes a somewhat different approach to embroidery from that by Lady Marian Alford's Needlework as Art.

Source: EDWARDS, Joan (1976). 'A survey of English literature of embroidery, 1840-1940', The Bulletin of the Needle and Bobbin Club, Vol. 76, pp. 3-20. Dowload here.

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