English Medieval Embroidery, 1938

Cover of Christie's 'English Medieval Embroidery,' Oxford 1938. Cover of Christie's 'English Medieval Embroidery,' Oxford 1938.

English Medieval Embroidery is a classic study from 1938 writtten by Mrs Archibald H. Christie. Its subtitle is: A Brief Survey of English Embroidery Dating from the Beginning of the Tenth Century Until the End of the Fourteenth : Together with a Descriptive Catalogue of the Surviving Examples : Illustrated with One Hundred and Sixty Plates and Numerous Drawings in the Text.

Christie was an accomplished embroiderer and researcher, and her book has been the authoritative study on opus anglicanum ever since it was published. 

Source: EDWARDS, Joan (1976). 'A survey of English literature of embroidery, 1840-1940,' The Bulletin of the Needle and Bobbin Club, Vol. 76, pp. 3-20. Dowload here.

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