Closed Herringbone Stitch

Schematic drawing of the closed herringbone stitch. Schematic drawing of the closed herringbone stitch. Drawing by Martin Hense.

The closed herringbone stitch is an embroidery technique that is worked from left to right along an imaginary double line. It is worked in exactly the same manner as the herringbone stitch, except that the crossed points of the stitches touch each other at the top and the bottom of the imaginary lines.

When the closed herringbone stitch is worked on the reverse side of a semi-transparent material, it produces a double line of back stitches on the obverse side of the cloth, and creates a shadow of the crossed lines of the stitch. This form is sometimes known as a double back stitch.

Sometimes also referred to as the close herringbone stitch.

The difference between the closed herringbone stitch and the double back stitch is not technical, but visual, depending on the side of the cloth that is visible.

Source: THOMAS, Mary (1934). Mary Thomas's Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches, London: Hodder and Stoughton, p. 118.


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