Princess Lace

Part of a Princess lace placemat. Part of a Princess lace placemat.

Princess lace is a form of Renaissance lace or tape lace, made in Belgium in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It originally developed as an imitation of Duchess lace. Some authors describe it as a form of lace assembling, rather than lace making.

There are two main techniques used to make Princess lace. The first is where the tape and tape shapes are sewn down onto net. This is a form of appliqué lace. The second type is where fancy tapes are linked together using looped threads. Sometimes these come with pre-shaped leaves, flowers or narrow strands for stems etc. This is a type of Guipure lace.

The appliqué form continues to be popular among various craft groups, especially in North America.

Also known as: Brussels princess lace


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