Example of stump work. Example of stump work.

Stumpwork is a form of embroidery whereby the stitches form figures that are raised from the ground material. The figures can be made around pieces of wire and take the shape of humans, animals, birds, petals, leaves, insect wings, etc. Another method uses layers of cloth or felt that are used as padding underneath the stitches. Stumpwork can use a wide variety of techniques, including beadwork, goldwork, needlelace etc.

Also known as raised embroidery.

See also a stumpwork casket in the collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (English, c. 1650) and the novel The Stumpwork Robe by Prue Batten (2008).

Source: SINTON, Kate (2011). RSN Essential Stich Guide - Stumpwork, Search Press.

Digital source of illustration (retrieved 17 July 2016).


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