Rothschild, Adelheid, Baroness Edmond de (1853-1935)

Adelheid von Rothschild, 1853-1935. Adelheid von Rothschild, 1853-1935.

Adelheid von Rothschild (1853-1935) was the daughter of Ferdinand von Rotschild, and she married her French cousin, Edmond de Rothschild in 1877. Like her father and her aunt, Alice von Rothschild, she was a great collector of art, and she focussed in particular on costumes and textiles, and accessories, from the eighteenth century.

She displayed much of her collection at her Parisian home, 41 rue du Fauburg Saint-Honoré. Her collection was eventually bequeathed to her daughter-in-law, Dorothy de Rothschild, and was later taken to Waddesdon Manor in England.

Source: BOAK, Rachel (2013). Sacred Stitches. Ecclesiastical Textiles in the Rothschild Collection at Waddesdon Manor, Rothschild Foundation, Waddesdon Manor/National Trust, pp. 13-14.

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