Lehman, Robert (1891-1969)

Robert Lehman, 1891-1969. Robert Lehman, 1891-1969.

Robert Lehman (1891-1969) was an American entrepreneur and art collector. He was for many years the head of the banking firm of the Lehman Brothers, the collapse of which in 2008 led to the subsequent world-wide financial crisis.

He built upon the art collection, including textiles, that was left to him by his father, Philip Lehman, upon his death in 1947 who had started collecting in 1911. He became Chaiman of the Board of Trustees of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. In 1957 part of his collection was exhibited in the Orangerie in Paris. Upon his death in 1969, part of his collection (the Robert Lehman Collection; some 3000 objects) was bequeathed to the MET, where it is exhibited in the Robert Lehman wing. The Robert Lehman Foundation remains active in the field of supporting exhibitions and sponsoring other activities.

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