Johnson-Lynch, Eliza Matilda (1846-1917)

Mrs E.M. Lynch, 1846-1917. Mrs E.M. Lynch, 1846-1917.

Eliza Matilda Johnson-Lynch, born in Ireland in 1846, played an important role in the promotion of Italian embroidery in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. She was a great traveller, and very active in the women's rights movement.

In her many travels she visited the Val Vogna, a lateral valley of Valsesia, in the Piedmont of northern Italy, where she started to invest in the production of Puncetto needle lace. Mrs Lynch used her numerous connections to sell the lace in Britain. The business grew and came to include the manufacture of other types of lace and embroidery on Irish linen.

In Davos, 1901, she published a small volume called Valle Vogna and its Lace Industry, which includes images and many articles from newspapers and magazines about her work in the Val Vogna. 

Digital source: Blog with the title 'Lady Puncetto and the Valle Vogna' (downloadable here), 2016.

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