Glaspell, Susan (1882-1948)

Susan Glaspell, 1882-1948. Susan Glaspell, 1882-1948.

Susan Glaspell was an American author and playwright, most famous for A Jury of Her Peers, a play that Susan Glaspell later turned into a short story. In the play a woman has murdered her husband, but the (male) officials cannot find any evidence.

But by examining the murdered woman’s kitchen, the stitching on her unfinished quilt and the contents of her sewing box, two women are able to solve the crime. Treated with contempt by the male officials, the two decide not to turn over the evidence. 

The play, originally called Trifles, was first performed in 1916 and remains one of the most widely produced one-act plays in the USA. The story is commonly anthologized in collections of American literature, and it was used for an episode of the 1950's series Alfred Hitchcock presents.

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