Dearle, John Henry (1860-1932)

John Henry Dearle, 1862-1930. John Henry Dearle, 1862-1930.

John Henry Dearle (1860-1932) was a British artist and designer who was trained by and worked with the famous Arts and Crafts Movement designer, William Morris (1834-1896). Dearle initially worked as a shop assistant and then became a design apprentice. In 1890 he was appointed as Morris & Co.’s chief designer.

Following the death of Morris in 1896, Dearle became the Art Director of the firm. Dearle designed many of the embroideries and textiles (woven and printed), as well as wallpapers created and sold by Morris & Co.

He also worked with the English artist, Edward Burne-Jones, on various tapestry designs. Some of Dearle’s embroidery designs were for screens and portières in the Art Needlework style, which was championed by May Morris, the daughter of William Morris. Dearle’s designs included Anemone (1895-1890) and The Owl (c. 1895).

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