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Advertisement for the Needle Woman Shop. Advertisement for the Needle Woman Shop.

'The Needlewoman Ltd' (London, England) was registered in October 1928 as a retail shop in Regent Street, London (later nos. 146 and 148 Regent Street). The shop was partially owned by the embroidery designs, material and thread company, William Briggs & Co Ltd. It was seen as a major source of threads, materials, designs as well as a source of inspiration for those working with decorative needlework throughout the world.

The shop initially consisted of various departments selling general items, traced and fancy goods, wools (sewing, embroidery, knitting, etc), paper patterns (dress, embroidery, knitting patterns), transfers (for embroidery), and baby linen.

At the same time it was also producing The Needlewoman, a magazine with numerous designs, patterns, tips, transfers and so forth. This was seen as an important means for the Briggs company to sell its products. In 1934, the Needlewoman Shop and magazine were taken over by J & P Coats Ltd (Paisley, Scotland). In 1961, Coats merged with Patons and Baldwins, creating the company of Coats Patons. In the early 1980's, Coats Patons decided that the prestigious site of the Needlewoman Shop on Regent Street should be turned into a branch of Country Casuals, with a cafe, and they deliberately started to decrease the range of stock, etc. In March 1985, the Needlewoman Shop finally shut its doors.

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