King George Jubilee Cope

One of the King George jubilee copes. One of the King George jubilee copes. Courtesy St Paul's Cathedral, acc. no. 4395.

The King George Jubilee cope was commissioned and made in order to celebrate the silver jubilee of George V of Britain (r: 1910-1936) in 1935. Five copes were made that were worn during the official church celebrations in St. Paul's Cathedral, London (England).  

The cope described here is made from a red brocade with a pomegranate motif. The orphrey is in a dark red velvet. The hood on the back of the cope is decorated with an angel holding the Dean and Chapter arms of St. Paul's, while the morse at the front is decorated with a cross design.

All of the decorative needlework is worked in silk appliqué with silk embroidery and couching. The angel’s halo, for example, is outlined with jap thread (a form of passing in imitation of Japanese thread) and a form of metal cord. In addition, there are applied metal beads (pearls).

The cope is 484 cm wide and 149 cm high. The copes were also used for the silver anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain on 7th June 1977, and aalso at her golden jubilee on 4th June 2002.

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