Melk Chasuble

The Melk chasuble, England, c. AD 1300. The Melk chasuble, England, c. AD 1300. Copyright Õsterreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst, Vienna,

The Melk chasuble is a prime example of opus anglicanum, which was a famous technique practised in England in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The chasuble is now housed in the Museum für angewandte Kunst in Vienna, Austria. It dates to about AD 1300 and measures 116.8 x 487.7 cm. It retains its original bell-shaped form. The arm-holes were cut out later. The colours are somewhat faded.

Source: KRONBERGER-FRENTZEN, Hanna (1932). 'The Melk Chasuble, an Opus Anglicanum', The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs, Vol. 61, No. 353 (Aug. 1932), pp. 68-69+71.

See also the Index of Christian Art, Princeton University.

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