Modern braid made from metal threads. Modern braid made from metal threads.

A braid is a length of semi-flexible, flattish, decorative (interlaced, knotted, woven) band that may be made of two or more different types of thread. They are often, but not necessarily, made from types of metallic thread and may include additional items such as beads. Braids are usually between 1.0 - 8.0 cm in width.

Sometimes one side of a braid may have fringes or tassels that are woven into the braid or attached in some other matter. A braid may be used as an edging or trimming on a garment, accessory, furnishing, etc.

Braids can be made in many ways, including using bobbin lace and a very wide variety of woven forms.

See also braids, cords and ribbons, passement and trimming.

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