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Jo Swinson, leader of the liberal-democrats in Britain.Jo Swinson, leader of the liberal-democrats in Britain.On Saturday 23 November, Willem Vogelsang wrote:

Forgive me for sometimes looking at a woman, and particularly at what she is wearing. I am a simple man, and at the same time married to a textile nutter. You may understand that the result was inevitable.

You will have heard that on 12 December the poor Brits are going again to the polls. You cannot escape these days the faces (and voices) of British politicians. One of them sticks out, as far as I am concerned, and that is not Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn. For some months now I have been following Jo Swinson, since July the leader of the Liberal Democrats in Britain. And I look at her clothing and how she presents herself. I cannot help being really impressed.

She likes to wear apparently simple dresses, often in red, and reaching to below the knees, and well buttoned up at the top. All very modest, you would say. But as a man I see a woman who is not hiding her body, certainly not her ample bosom. But I also see a woman who is proud of the way she looks and proud of who she is.

As far as I am concerned, this is real power dressing. She is not a woman, such as Angela Merkel from Germany, who is hiding underneath a man’s outfit with trousers and a jacket (that never impressed me), but someone telling the world that she is a woman and politely informing all of us that we can take it or leave it.

I may almost be twice as old as Jo Swinson, but I am sure that if I ever met her and she told me to go home to wash my hands and comb my hair, I would do so immediately.

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