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Liberty bodice

  • Object:
    Liberty bodice
  • Local name:
  • Size (cm):
    42 x 30
  • Gender:
  • Place of origin:
    Great Britain
  • Region, group, style:
  • Date of object:
    Mid-20th century
  • Category:
  • Material(s):
    Cotton, composite plastic
  • Techniques:
    Factory woven knitted (stockinette) and woven materials
  • TRC number:
    TRC 2016.2213
  • Storage location:
    Great Britain
  • Donor/gift:
    Mrs. Erasmus-Nagtegaal donation


A girl's round-necked sleeveless bodice made of white stockinette with a fleece backing. It is strengthened with vertical bands of white cotton and is fastened down the front with buttons and corresponding buttonholes.


There is a tag sewn on the inside of the garment that states: "CC41 H73B PFF". This is a British quality and rationing symbol that was used between 1941 and 1952.